Electric Spring Joy

Spring warmth and thunderstorms fill me with joy!

Chris Hedges


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The first days of spring are always the best.

When it is possible to leave my winter coat inside my car because the sunlight warms the morning air, it’s the best little freedom at the start of a beautiful new day.

During the cold days of winter, I forget the sensation of breezes on my bare arms. Now, I feel the southern winds bringing warm air from the Gulf of Mexico thousands of miles away. So lovely to feel!

The air smells different. It isn’t dry, cold, and super clean air from the Arctic. It is earthy. I can smell the flowers getting ready to bloom. Trees are returning to life and will soon spread flowers and leaves from little buds. The Southern air smells hundreds of times more alive than frozen air from the North Pole. The color I have in my mind is summer green instead of winter blue.

As I write this, my area is under a severe thunderstorm watch. The weather radio squawked its alert mid-morning. So keep your eyes upward on the sky! It is cloudy and full of chaotic potential. Later today, after the air has heated enough, a cold front can strike off nature’s fireworks. Pure natural drama is displayed in the western sky.

Thunderstorms energize me. I feel their power and electricity. I know their danger and destructiveness. But they always make me excited. I’ve heard it has to do with negative ions. So even if I’m hiding in a basement, thunder and lightning makes me happy, even if they can knock out the power or send strong winds that blow over fences and trees.

It’s all quiet now, but there’s excitement in the air.

Soon, nature will show its power and glory!



Chris Hedges

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