I Love You

Love will change the world

Chris Hedges


Two women gaze into each others eyes while their horse waits.
Photo by courtney coles on Unsplash

When I look into your eyes

I feel peace,

A peace that can change

The world.

Ancient religions

Know the power

Of love.

It doesn’t end

It continues on

For all time.

Since the beginning

From the time

of the Big Bang

Until now

And tomorrow

For infinity.

We need more love

In the world.

More love,

More peace,

More beauty.

It has been said

By many wise people

That heaven

Is made

Right here

On Earth.

I love love.

I started with myself.

I love me

I love you.

I love everyone.

Try it yourself.

Start a love revolution.

Today is the day.

Love yourself.

Love your neighbor.

Love everyone.

Change the world

Through the power

Of Love.

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Chris Hedges

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