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2 min readMar 28, 2020

I’m Generation X (1970) and your article is too true. Given a key when my parents determined going to school meant we wouldn’t burn the house down. Instructed to come back when the street lights came on. They worked, worked, worked. I love my parents — probably because I never saw them when I was growing up. (They text me all the time now — probably to make up for it).

We lived during the Cold War. My dad was in the Army, so I knew where I lived was on some target list. Oh, well. Maybe, we’ll blow them up also. Mutual Assured Destruction style.

I remember riding my bike with friends to the mall from our town. Nobody knew where we were. No cell phones, GPS trackers, or anything. Just be back to check in when the street lights came on. It was an all day adventure.

I went to school right after all the privatization became the rage in D.C. so we got hosed with huge student loans. I worked, worked, worked to try to pay those off. I sent my oldest son overseas to get his education because it’s civilized and he gets an inexpensive but quality university degree. (He’s a dual citizen, so he gets ‘in-state’ tuition there).

I also did the career thing. I worked for a corporate place (with 150–300 employees, depending). Work work, work, never get to advance because the Boomers were still there. The place imploded. The Boomers are suing each other. Oh, well. Went on my own back in 2010.

The hack for the youth is make your own job because the bosses just focus on the bottom line. And, they don’t know anything, but will try to make you think they’re magical — sort of like the President. You’ll do all the hard work. They’ll get a new German car at Christmas time. You’ll get a neat award for earning them a bunch of money.

I never thought about it, but I’m glad I’m Gen X. We had to figure stuff out before the internet, so we can handle things if we have to go back to books and paper.

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