Joy in these days of tumult

Love, liberty, and justice will win

Chris Hedges


A woman smiles while holding a bouquet in a green field with purple wild flowers.
Photo by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova on Unsplash

We are going to win. Women, men, trans people, BIPOC, and children will be victorious.

Times might seem bleak looking at the news. Despair not! Those are just signs that the opposition to liberty and freedom is failing under the weight of nature’s favor of love.

Every person denied freedom throughout history has dreamed of when the forces of division and hate were vanquished.

The time of love, life, happiness, and the freedom to exist is coming.

That makes the weird enemies of liberty quake. It causes strange oligarchs to shovel money to their minions in Congress and the nation’s statehouses—such a waste of time, energy, and money.

I see the signs young people are now awake. As much as old white guys sneer at being “woke,” people these days know there isn’t much good being offered by the likes of little fascists and wealthy narcissists. Everyone has seen that the people society used to think were wise and intelligent are not very.

The “Wizard of Oz” told the same story in the old days. So we see the same with the tech bros who have been left to their own devices and have no public relations or legal teams with the will to stop their juvenile impulses.

Their dream of destroying the world like some Bond villain will soon be restrained. Our so-called government leaders are willfully ignorant, joyfully bigoted, and voluntarily evil. The people see this with disbelief.

Acceptance that the system must be fixed is coming. Very soon.

Those drunk on power and conspiratorial thinking will be the last to see the people rising. This is the way of history.

Nicolae Ceaușescu woke up in December 1989, not realizing his rein as Romania’s authoritarian head of state would soon end. But, unfortunately, this is the fate that other authoritarians see. First, they think they are a golden god emperor. Next, they are surrounded by authorities taking them to task for their abuses on behalf of the people. Then it ends badly for them. All the golden palaces fail to provide safety and comfort for dictators in the end.



Chris Hedges

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